Fascinator Management


National Consulting & Mentorship Projects

Past and ongoing consulting and mentoring projects in Canada.

Mentor for MagPIE exchange arts management

Dani Fecko has been providing mentorship to Christy Offer as she has started up a new performing arts agency.

Magpie Exchange Arts Management is an Alberta-based performing arts agency representing innovative local theatre makers. Founded in 2018, its goal is to foster a regional culture of creation by facilitating national and international bookings of original work.

North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative

Dani is a collaborator on the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative.

The North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative (nacdi) is a multi-disciplinary partnership that includes academics, policymakers and practitioners from North America and beyond.

Their objective is to establish cultural diplomacy as a critical practice: by interrogating and advancing cultural diplomacy, they aim to raise its profile as a valuable tool to foster international and transcultural relations—that is, to measure it and mobilize it to inform public policy development and implementation. Specifically, the strategically-important network of networks they are establishing seeks to demonstrate the value and use of cultural diplomacy to government bodies, cultural institutions, and cultural practitioners.