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The Chop

The Chop | Emelia Symington Fedy and Anita Rochon

The Chop is recognized for their sophisticated experimentation with authenticity and has involved some of the finest artists throughout Canada. Using long-term engagement, they attempt to create new forms led by the questions at the heart of their work. They have been building shows since 2006 and have toured extensively over the past decade.

How to Disappear Completely

Photo: Emily Cooper

In How to Disappear Completely, Itai Erdal, an award winning lighting designer and gifted storyteller, demonstrates his approach to theatrical lighting while also reflecting on the events that followed his mother asking him to take her life.

How to Disappear Completely has toured since 2011. 

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Pathetic Fallacy

Photo: Samantha MADELY

Using a temperamental broadcast green screen, Pathetic Fallacy takes on a changing relationship to weather. Anita Rochon set herself the challenge of creating a live touring theatre piece that puts no one on tour. A local stand-in takes on the central role in a curious and hopeful work that draws a line between ancient weather gods and present-day conundrums.

Pathetic Fallacy has been touring since 2018. 

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KISMET, Things Have Changed

Photo: cody clyburn

In 2009, four artists in their late 20’s set out across Canada to interview one hundred people, aged 1 to 100, about their experiences and beliefs around fate and destiny. What they discovered on the road -  stories of mystery, joy and endurance - became the anchor for a compelling and intimate show that blends verbatim interviews with the experience of the travellers. 

Ten years later, the same team, now in their late 30’s, attempts to find and re-connect with the surviving 100 people. How has the world changed? How have they?

Available to tour in late 2019. More details here.

Through the Gaze of a Navel

Photo: Angus Kellett

Through the Gaze of a Navel is a performance in the form of a yoga class led by self-proclaimed pop psychology expert Emelia Symington Fedy.

Through the Gaze of a Navel has toured since 2015. 

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Five Minute Therapy


Photo: Liesbeth Bernaerts

Do you have 5 minutes? Professional advice-giver Emelia Symington Fedy will cut to the quick of what you need to hear before the ding of an egg timer. One-on-one 5 minute exchanges. This performance pairs well with festival openings, other performance events and works in many kinds of spaces.  

This is a durational performance that can be paired with Through the Gaze of a Navel. Fits at festivals, parties and in non-traditional performance spaces. 

Five Minute Therapy has toured since 2015. 

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