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Zuppa Theatre

Zuppa Theatre |  Susan Leblanc, Stewart Legere, Alex McLean and Ben Stone

Zuppa Theatre Co. is an artist-led ensemble that has been making shows in Halifax since 1998. Every Zuppa show is an invitation to wild visions, big ideas, familiar stories and the unknown. The company’s goal is to make generous, unforgettable performances that slightly change how you look at the world and yourself.

The Archive of Missing Things

photo by Zach Faye

"The Archive of Missing Things was founded in order to collect, catalogue and store all missing objects that are in the world. The Archive was built around a secret."

The Archive of Missing Things is an undercover show that takes place in public libraries. Audience members, equipped with iPads, headsets and notebooks, attempt to decode an online mystery. Clues are everywhere, but there are only 90 minutes in which to decode them. Who will find the Heart of the Archive? The Archive of Missing Things was created with Trillium-Award-winning writer Kate Cayley, award-winning sound designer Brian Riley, and web designer and developer Ned Zimmerman. It is an ambient drama and a tour through the ruins and forgotten corners of civilization.

Created in partnership with Dalhousie Libraries. Originally presented as part of Eastern Front Theatre's Stages Festival.

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Pop-Up Love Party

Photos by Mel Hattie

Pop-Up Love Party reimagines Plato’s Symposium in its quest to define love with all its plagues and pleasures by employing aerobics, holding a kangaroo court, exposing audience passion, and pumping out an infectious pop ballad that will mend broken hearts around the world.

Enriching this roller coaster ride through the depths of desire is a 7-course snack menu created by Dartmouth-born, New York-famed, Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Burns. Chef Burns co-owns Luksus, which was recently named one of New York’s best new restaurants and one of America’s 50 best new restaurants by Bon Appétit. Burns created the menu specifically for Pop-Up Love Party with flavours and textures to heighten moments of the production.

To be certain, this ain’t no dinner theatre. It’s a philosophical feast, a sensory slip n’ slide, and a theatrical experience so unique it could only come from deep in the pulsing Zuppa heart.

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This is Nowhere

Photo by Mel Hattie

This is Nowhere is an app-guided search, and a collective brainstorm about Utopia. You are steered through the nooks and crannies of your city in search of themed, secret encounters, all the while generating a blueprint for the future.

This is Nowhere premiered in Halifax in September 2018, with the support of Canada Council’s New Chapter program and Nova Scotia’s Cultural Innovation program.  The show’s touring model is residency-based and its content is adapted to the host city. It features a large cast of local performers selected to represent a wide spectrum of the population.

Conceived and directed by Alex McLean with Stewart Legere, Kathryn McCormack, Liliona Quarmyne, Ben Stone; Principal Writer: Kate Cayley; App and Server Development by Andrew Burke.

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