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Hong Kong Exile

Hong Kong Exile | Natalie Gan, Milton Lim, and Remy Siu

Hong Kong Exile Arts Association is an interdisciplinary arts company based in Vancouver. The company is made up of three contemporary artists: Natalie Tin Yin Gan, Remy Siu, and Milton Lim. Hong Kong Exile is committed to creating vital and innovative art through collaborative, interdisciplinary investigation.

Hong Kong Exile aims to contribute to a thriving, diverse and critical arts community. Through work that provokes discourse and new perspectives, we advocate for arts’ importance and its relevance in society.

Foxconn Frequency (no.3)

Photo: Sepehr Samimi

Foxconn Frequency (no.3) - for three visibly Chinese performers is a work of "algorithmic theatre" that incorporates real-time game mechanics, piano pedagogy, 3D-printing, and the poetry of former Foxconn worker Xu Lizhi (许立志).

Three performers work with and against each other as they move through a series of testings and mini-games sourced from piano training. They succeed and fail in real-time, forced to correct their mistakes before they can continue. In each performance, 3D-printers output an object documenting the performer's competency over time.

Fully automated and generative, the work is different every performance, ranging from 50 minutes to 80 minutes: an experiment in digital game-mechanics as a way of meaning making in the performing arts.

During 2017-2019, project lead Remy Siu will be one of two Composers-in-Residence with the National Arts Centre Orchestra (Canada). During 2018-2019, he will be Curator-in-Residence at Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong. He has also been nominated for the Gaudeamus Award 2019.

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Room 2048 (2048號房)

Photo: Rémi Thériault

A dream machine for the Cantonese diaspora. In digital light and smoke, we pursue a history that is not ours. A living past, a dying future, and a stillborn present. We will lie. We will cheat. We will spend a thousand years here.

Through the layering of digital light, bombastic pop music, fog, and the Chinese body, Room 2048 weaves together a series of cinematic images that speak to diasporic experiences of loss, desire, and nostalgia. Sourcing Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai’s seminal films, performers are animated by live manipulated top-down projection. 

Room 2048 is the spiritual sequel to the company’s most toured work, NINEEIGHT. It had its world premiere in 2017 in Vancouver. 

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No Foreigners

Photo: Hong kong exile

No Foreigners is a multimedia performance that meditates on North American Chinese shopping malls as racialized spaces of cultural creation and clash. Several original stories begin in a mall and quickly diverge—catapulting across cities, between Cantonese and English, in and out of the afterlife, and through past, present, and future.

Through live performance and a micro-to-macro camera apparatus, No Foreigners weaves together text, miniatures, and media design as it attempts to unpack what is at the heart of “Chineseness” and what the future can hold for all of us as visitors and settlers.

No Foreigners was created by Hong Kong Exile (Vancouver) and fu-GEN Theatre (Toronto), produced in association with Theatre Conspiracy(Vancouver) and the Theatre Centre (Toronto). The show premiered at The Cultch (Vancouver) and was followed by a presentation at the Theatre Centre (Toronto) in February 2018.

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was it the smell of solitude


was it the smell of solitude is a new large-scale multimedia dance work led by choreographer Natalie Tin Yin Gan. Weaving fog, powder, intricate lighting design, and a cast of fourteen performers, solitude investigates the Chinese custom of death as an active place of sounds, smells and stories. It draws its inspiration from the iconic funerary art of the Terracotta Warriors to consider the body as sculpture, as vehicle into the afterlife, and as site of ritual.

Will premiere in 2021.

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